Works in Progress

I’ve got a set of stones that are in the process of being turned into jewelry, and I thought I’d share the status. I may be sorry… who knows if all of these will follow the direction I have in mind, and there’s always the possibility I’ll goof one up or simply give up out of frustration. But hey, what the hell.

Here’s a Boulder Opal – I love the brilliant bits of blue in this stone. It’s pretty big, so it’s either going to be a pendant or maybe a statement ring.

Boulder Opal in the bezel

Boulder Opal with bezel, on backplate.

This is Picasso Marble. Again, either a ring or a pendant. I’m leaning more toward pendant for this one.

Utah Picasso Marble in the bezel

Picasso Marble with bezel and back plate

This irregular agate has a snowy look to it, with the whites and grays. Probably a pendant.

Agate – can you see the little arrow stamps around it? They may or may not survive the finishing process.

This is Azurite. I’ve scalloped the backplate behind this, and I’m still waiting to see if I like it better as a ring or a pendant.

Azurite – this one has Native American-style sunsets stamped around the bezel. Again, we’ll see if they make it to the finished piece.

Here’s a piece that’s been on the bench for a while, because it’s probably the most complicated design I’ve tried so far. It’s a ring with Savannah Jasper.

Savannah Jasper – The design and the cabochon and setting

Savannah Jasper – Ring and setting so far. I’m trying to create a “seamless” look where the setting attaches to the ring, so more work needed to create a base for the setting.

And here’s my first big chunk of turquoise – I actually think this is a doublet stone, meaning it’s turquoise backed with something else to make the stone thicker. But I love the brilliance of the blue in this stone! Definitely a ring.

Turquoise Mountain cabochon in the bezel

Turquoise Mountain stone in the setting. This setting will get another layer of back plate for more “gravitas”.

We’ll check back on the progress for these, so stay tuned!

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