Is Organization the Key to Creativity?

I’ve recently seen some great photos of other jewelry artists’ studio and crafting areas. One of the things that stood out for me in those photos were stacks of clear containers with colorful stones and components inside. I loved the kaleidoscope effect of all those bits of color, and it contrasted completely with my storage method. organization-3

Several years ago I scored some cigar boxes, and I divided my gemstones and components up by color into the boxes. I kept stones in clear plastic zip top bags, and I also kept them with their tags so I’d know pricing information, etc. But the cigar boxes don’t allow a good view of everything on hand, and the bags mean you have to sift through a lot to see what you’ve got. organization-4

Finally I broke down and bought a bunch of clear containers. I’ve labeled them with tags to say the type of stone, it’s price per piece, and other important info. The first thing I realized is that I can now see everything I have on hand. I know what colors I need to buy more of (or stop buying!) for greater selection. And the rainbow of colors really gives me inspiration for new combinations and things I might not have tried otherwise.organization-1

What’s your key to creativity in the studio/workshop? Are you organized, and if so, how? Or do you thrive on “creative chaos”? organization-2

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4 thoughts on “Is Organization the Key to Creativity?

  1. In my perspective, being organized helps me to work efficiently. Knowing that my surroundings are in order helps me to work right because I am aware of the available supplies I have. In that way, it inspires me to work properly because everything is in “control”. Also, being in an orderly place motivates me to be obedient and to do what has to be done.

  2. donnaellisart on said:

    i’m terribly unorganized, and my work suffers for it in that i *know* i could be much more productive if i knew what the heck i had in all those boxes and drawers! i really like your idea– do you mind my asking where you found those wonderful containers? i’m a busy mom of four boys, so my studio time is very limited. i think if i got organized, i’d be able to create much more. thank you for this post.

    • Donna, I got one set at Michaels and the rest at JoAnn. Being able to *see* everything has already made a big difference!

      • donnaellisart on said:

        super! okay, i’ll look for them. i always get SO sidetracked and overwhelmed in michaels– i feel like robin williams’ character in “moscow on the hudson” when he sees the abundant coffee aisle at an american grocery store for the first time.
        thanks very much for the heads-up!!

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