Kicking it up a notch

2528-4I market my jewelry predominantly via Etsy, which is a very competitive jewelry market. In order to stand out more against the other fantastic sellers, I’ve been spending some time updating my jewelry photography. I spent a ton of money on a class, a new camera and lens, backdrops, etc. I totally re-arranged my photography set up, trying lots of new angles, lighting options, and variations in camera settings.

2311-3Taking photos of small, sparkly things is a heck of a lot harder than you might think. They reflect. They’re dark in some places, light in others. And waiting for a suspended jewelry piece to stop swaying so you can shoot it – it’s maddening.


I’ve got a long way to go, but I think 2016-2I’ve come a long way, as well. I’ve got over 250 items in stock, and I’m slowly but surely re-shooting them all, and getting the new photos posted to the Etsy store. I’m hoping the new photos will help kick things up a notch – that my creations will “pop” more when folks are searching for jewelry on the site. It’s an ongoing process – it takes much longer than it did when I just used a point and shoot, but I think the results are worth it. What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Kicking it up a notch

  1. These photos you’ve taken look really good! Well done, I hope you’ll get more sales as a result 🙂

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