Update – The Planetarium Quilt

Here’s an update on the Planetarium Quilt that I’ve been working on, from The Practical Guide To Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman. While this quilt was listed as an “intermediate project”, I didn’t realize quite what I was getting myself into. It’s not that this quilt has quirky, challenging stitches, or circle shapes, or anything along those lines. No, the issue is that dang, there is a lot of cutting and piecing. With my crazy schedule the past couple of months and the amount of piecework in this quilt, it’s taken me a while to make headway. I’ve been home a bit more and have devoted some blocks of time to this quilt, so I’m finally starting to get somewhere. The base blocks are cut and pieced, and now I’m putting together the bigger 9-block units. Here’s a quick peek:Planetarium Blocks

The Flea Market Fancy fabric looks a little busy to me in these blocks, but I’m hoping that they will resolve well into the background. It’s so nice to see progress on this! Getting the small blocks made seemed to take forever, but I just needed a dedicated chunk of time, and I finally got it.

Pinned and ready to sew

Pinned and ready to sew

So now I’m trimming out the small blocks, and putting them together into the large blocks. The trimming is time-consuming, too…. Lots of measuring to square them up. And in order to match up enough squares to make the big blocks, I realized that I didn’t have enough of certain combinations. I’m not sure if I missed that in the directions, or if it’s not that big of a deal, but I ended up ripping out some of the smaller blocks and re-piecing.

Pieced Blocks

Pieced Blocks

I’m about halfway done with these blocks, and then I need to buy some more fabric. Apparently I mis-read the fabric requirements, and bought patterned fabric to “frame” these blocks, when I really needed solid, but hey, a trip to the fabric store is always fun! And I’m definitely seeing the value of buying lots of solids – the scraps come in handy for lots of other projects.

Stay tuned for more updates, since I’ll have more time over the holidays to sew!

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