Time to take a breath

December is here, and while for most people it’s a whirlwind of holiday activities, my life is actually slowing down, and for that I am profoundly grateful. I’ve been going 90 mph since Labor Day weekend, which was spent in Las Vegas. After the overindulgence of that trip, we spent the next several weeks cleaning up our diets and kicking our workouts into high gear. I was working out 6 days a week to try to get “bikini ready” for our trip to the Dominican Republic over Thanksgiving. With Halloween, a couple of business trips, and all those hours spent at the gym, I felt like I always had a couple of to-do lists running in my head. Plus I attended the Texas Parks and Wildlife “Becoming and Outdoors Woman” camp in Brenham, which was another fantastic event. More on that in a separate post!

Taking off for Thanksgiving was a welcome relief, although I missed my usual Turkey-palooza. Getting home from an 8 day vacation meant lots of housework and laundry… then I was off again this weekend, headed to Waco for my first deer hunt (there will be a post on that, too!).

So I’m back home, happy and exhausted, and looking forward to some quiet time. Not even the thought of Christmas shopping has me down!! I’ll be working on jewelry, quilts, and cooking, and hopefully I’ll have plenty of new blog posts to entertain you!

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