Piecing the Planetarium Quilt

Piecing the Planetarium Quilt

One of the things I’ve learned from ANY project is that poor planning leads to headaches. I’m one of those fabric-gatherers who buys fabric because it’s pretty, then lets it pile up around the sewing room. So even if I have a project planned, I may misplace items, or forget which part of the project this piece of yardage is for…. and I seem to go back and forth to the fabric store or online shop more times than I should. This Planetarium quilt is no exception. I remember quite clearly reading through all of the yardage requirements, and ordering fabric… and now I’m short two batches, and I have several fat quarters that have no purpose. Did I buy them just because I liked them? Or as extra options, in case what I bought online didn’t look right in reality? Who knows.

Pinned and ready to sew

I also spent a whole afternoon cutting fabric (and myself, more on that) with a stupidly dull rotary cutter. I got shoulder aches from pressing down. I’d have to go back and recut places where the blade didn’t make it through. And the whole time I had another blade in my sewing box. Finally after I ran the dull cutter into my finger, I relented and remembered that old truth about dull knives – you’re much more likely to cut yourself with a dull knife than a sharp one. I went off to find the new blade and then whipped through the rest of my cutting (carefully minding my fingers). Why on earth did I struggle so much when I had the tools I needed?!??

This quilt is pretty time-intensive compared to some others I’ve worked on (maybe because I used a dull cutter….) and I’m still only about 1/4 of the way through sewing the initial components, but I’ve got the process down, now. I’ve pinned the triangles together in stacks, and I’m chain-piecing like crazy. Usually I sit down for long stretches and grind out the piecing like someone with OCD, but this time I’m giving myself permission to sit down and do 10 minutes at a time, no pressure. It’s taking longer than usual, but it means that I’m not sitting for hours with scratchy eyes and a crooked neck, and that’s a good thing. Here are some of my squares… More progress to come!

Planetarium squares

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One thought on “Piecing the Planetarium Quilt

  1. I had to laugh at your rotary cutting story because that was me last night trying to cut out pieces for paper piecing. The fingers were saved, thankfully but I really must take your example and change my blade. It sounds like you usually piece like I do, too…. 🙂

    I found you googling planetarium quilts — I’m starting one soon and wanted to see some examples. thanks for sharing!

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