A different kind of Thanksgiving

We’re doing something different for Thanksgiving this year – we’re taking a beach vacation. Normally I’m the hostess for Thanksgiving – I prep and cook and bake and brine for 3 days before that glorious meal, and I really enjoy 98% of the whole process. That 2% comes from when something invariably goes wrong, and I have to curse and wing it or send my husband back to the store for the millionth time for more brown sugar.

So this year it’s a little weird to think I won’t be baking pies, picking out a bird big enough for the group, and ruminating over which wines to pair with the meal. Instead I’ll be spending the next several weeks compulsively watching my calorie intake and kicking my own ass at the gym so that I don’t have to wear a muu-muu the whole time I’m at the resort. What’s that mean for this blog? Well, for starters, I’ve pretty much stopped drinking, so there may be fewer cocktail recipes to share – or I’ll have to just pretend that I’m making them. As for sharing recipes for meals – do you really want to know how to grill a chicken breast? I didn’t think so.

But I’m not giving up on the tasty life – just taking a break. Hopefully you’ll get more crafty stuff… And maybe some recipes for things I’m lusting after!

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One thought on “A different kind of Thanksgiving

  1. GOOD FOR YOU!! One of these years I intend to do the same.

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