Crafting the King’s Ransom

King’s Ransom Quilt Top with Madrona Road Fabric

I finally gave in to my crafty urges and whipped up a quilt top. This one was super easy, coming together in just a few hours over a couple of days. It’s based on the Madrona Road fabric I bought just over a week ago, using one of those nifty Villa Rosa quilt patterns, the King’s Ransom. I’ve generally liked this series of little cards, but this one caused me a few minutes of head scratching – it seemed similar to Ikea instructions and at one point I found myself with parts left over, and unnecessary parts required. I adjusted as I saw fit and things worked out fine.

Now, this was not the original intent for that gorgeous citrus Madrona Road fabric by Violet Craft (Hi Violet, thanks for the comment on the earlier post!), but since I couldn’t find a pattern for the wonky diamonds in that initial idea (and I was much too afraid to mess up and ruin fabric by “winging it”) I thought I’d try this one. I had the required number of fat quarters, and so I got to cutting and piecing, and here we are!

It’s a bit too hot right now to quilt, so I think this quilt top will go into the pile with the other one I recently made for quilting when the weather is a bit cooler – we’ll see.

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