Left Brain Versus Right Brain

Last week I had a fight with my (now former) accountant. It didn’t start out as a fight, but after asking the same questions several times and not getting clear answers, I got irritated. I hate those kinds of confrontations, and I came away from the conversation with two realizations:

  1. I need a new accountant
  2. I need to track all of my business details carefully so I can ask questions clearly

With realization number 2, I bought a accounting software package. It’s supposed to be one of the easy ones, but boy, did I struggle. I spent most of the weekend entering detailed numbers – from receipts, from online sales and purchases, from consignment checks… And it was tedious, complicated and frustrating. I consulted the online help section, and reviewed the “how to” PDF. I ran reports. I spent at least 3-4 hours wading through 8 months of business details, and I’m still not sure I have the answers I need.

Meanwhile, my brain was fighting itself. The creative side of my brain (right side) was dying to be active – I wanted to draw and make jewelry and read quilt books. The left side of my brain was completely fixated on organizing and categorizing my business details. This is the same side of my brain that makes me organize fabrics and jewelry components by color or style, and it had grabbed onto this accounting project with a frenzy. During a break from typing numbers and details, I felt nearly paralyzed – should I quit for a while and “create”? Or diligently go back to work and get every single tidbit of info into that software? I finally went back to the computer and put in another hour. I’m not completely and totally up-to-the-minute accurate, but the remaining bits should only take about an hour, and I felt like the majority of the heavy lifting is done. I feel like I could turn these numbers over to an accountant and clearly ask questions based on the data.

Let’s hope that means no more fights, either with me and an accountant, or between my left and right brain.

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