Taking Control – Or How to Break a Slump

No real relevance, but pretty nonetheless.

I’ve been in a slump. I haven’t felt excited about jewelry creation in several months, and my design table is a mess. My whole studio is a mess, frankly. I’ve been stepping over things for at least a week. I’ve moved into the guest room with my sewing machine and ironing board and I’ve been quilting my head off, sure, but I’ve barely touched the jewelry stuff.

This weekend I realized what was going on: I feel out of control. My day job, which I actually enjoy quite a bit, has been crazy busy. I’m simply fire-fighting, day in and day out, with no chance to plan strategy or organize my activities. And that bleeds into my home life and my creativity there. My studio in our new house is partially organized, but it’s not really set up with a good jewelry design table. My tools are stacked here and there, materials for three or four half-finished projects are strewn across the folding table I’ve been using as a bench…. It’s not an inviting workspace at all.

All this disorganization is having a negative impact on my creativity. The quilting seems to survive because I seem to feel like I’m creating order out of chaos as I line up the blocks. But I realized that I still love designing and making jewelry, but I just don’t feel inspired by my space.

So I’m taking control. I just purchased an official jewelers workbench – something more sturdy than a plastic folding table – and a bench vise to hold my mandrels and projects. I bought a rack for the pliers that are usually scattered all over my tabletop. And I bought a little organizer drawer set. Next will come shelves! The idea is to create a workable area that inspires me, with enough room to tidy away all the projects that seem to sprawl. I’ll keep you posted as the room comes together, and as (hopefully) the designs start to re-awaken!

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