Ripping Seams – or – Yes, I’m Not a Perfectionist

So the project currently underway hit a bit of a snag when I sewed my quilt strips together and ended up with something that looked like a cat was hidden under it. There was some sort of hump-type thing going on, and the edge of the quilt was pretty raggedy. I wondered if I could live with it. I wondered if I could just trim things up and “make it work. And then I realized that I couldn’t.

I’m not a perfectionist – there are plenty of times where “good enough” is really good enough. But this was one of those things where a bit of a mistake was going to snowball into something pretty wonky. So I started ripping out seams. If you don’t sew, this means that I took this little sharp-edged picky thing and stuck it under every 5th stitch or so, and pulled – cutting the stitch. You work your way all the way down the seam, picking and picking. Then you pull the pieces apart. I pulled apart a good half of a quilt top. I measured. I ironed. And I laid the quilt top out on the floor, ready to be sewn back together.

And I walked away.

I feel a little defeated, but I know that once I get back to it, and re-sew those pieces so that they lay right, I’ll be back on track. It just may take a little time for me to be willing to pick it up again. Maybe tomorrow. I’ll let you know.

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One thought on “Ripping Seams – or – Yes, I’m Not a Perfectionist

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