The Stained Glass Quilt

After dumping out all of my quilting fabric last weekend, I decided I needed to make a few quilt tops to use up the fabric I had on hand. The idea was that I should try to whittle away at this stash before buying more stuff, but many of us know how futile this exercise is.

I had a bunch of 7 1/2″ squares already cut from some other project, and a ton of white fabric from a toga party, so I decided to create a simple “stained glass” type of top, using white and batiks. I’m definitely not a pro at the sewing thing – it’s a struggle for me – and math is also not one of my best things, so there were a few mistakes along the way, but luckily I cut and pieced as I went, so I was able to fix my mistakes without losing fabric in waste.

Here’s the final quilt top – I’ll probably set this aside for a rainy day (or hell to freeze over, whatever) to finish sandwiching and quilting, but I’m pretty happy with it!

Stained Glass Quilt Top


Here’s another view:

Stained Glass Quilt Top

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