How much is too much fabric?

While I don’t think I’d be nominated for an episode of “Hoarders”, I decided that I had way too much quilting fabric stuffed away in my closet, so I took advantage of my husband’s recent business trip to completely unload the boxes and spread them out on the floor of our (currently empty) guest room.

I tried to orient the pieces in terms of color, or type of design – I’m kind of a batik freak, and those obviously didn’t belong with the old-timey fabrics – and I thought, dang, I have way too much fabric.

But now I’m looking at this picture and thinking that I still have plenty of room on that floor… this is the slippery slope, folks!

How much is too much?

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3 thoughts on “How much is too much fabric?

  1. I didn’t think one could HAVE too much fabric! 🙂 Good luck organizing! That’s a daunting task for sure!

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