Give me one good reason not to punch you in the throat

I like taking classes. It’s one of the ways I continue to grow and learn as a human being, and since I’ve got lots of hobbies and interests, it’s easy to find classes that interest me. I take jewelry-making classes, glass-bead-making classes, quilting classes, photography classes, cooking classes, marketing classes, and recently classes about the outdoors and hunting. As varied as this list is, there are some constants in all of these classroom situations: super-annoying classmates. Here are a few examples – perhaps you know one of these people. Perhaps you are one. Here we go:

The Know-It-All – This is the person who has to raise their hand and share every tidbit of information on the class topic. They know more than the teacher, frankly, and they’re just oh-so-ready to share this font of knowledge with all of you. They never shut up, they slow down the whole class with their input, and usually by the end of the class everyone is rolling their eyes whenever The Know-It-All’s hand goes up. I’m pretty sure the teachers would like to strangle these people.

The Needy One – This student constantly needs the instructor’s assistance, and their voice pipes up over and over, requesting special handling. They seem to think that they, out of the entire class, deserve one-on-one instruction, no matter how many people are in the class.

The Self-Hater – Characterized by a constant stream of self-abuse, this student calls attention to their terrible work with statements like “OMG, mine is so ugly. I totally don’t get this.” They seem to need to draw attention to themselves by deprecating their work out loud. Perhaps they’re fishing for compliments – or perhaps they don’t realize that the reason we take classes is to learn how to do things better. If your initial attempt was perfect, the class would kind of be a waste of your time, wouldn’t it?

The Contrarian – Like The Know-It-All, this student isn’t here to learn – they’re here to share. They contradict the instructor with “better” ways to do things, perhaps from their own experience or from other instructors. They always have a contrary method or opinion.

Sure, I’m judgmental. But I take classes because I love to learn, and I respect anyone who gets up and uses their knowledge to teach. I wish more of my fellow students could embrace learning for learning’s sake, and just enjoy a class for the knowledge it brings. Because sitting quietly and not punching them really distracts me from learning for myself. đŸ˜‰

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