Breakfast in Barcelona

I’m back from spending just over a week in lovely Barcelona, Spain, for a business trip. My husband came along, and we tacked a few days on for pleasure, and there’s certainly plenty of pleasure to be had! Over the next few posts I’ll share some of our experiences there, including fantastic food, great beverages, and lovely sights.

Breakfast in Europe is a bit different from what we Americans may be used to. Our hotel had a nice buffet breakfast each morning (included in the price of the room, which is wonderful and rare) that included yogurt, cereal, fruit, pastries, ham, cheese, and a potato terrine. The coffee was fabulous – next to the coffee urn was an urn of hot milk. This, in my opinion, is a fabulous idea – rather than cooling your coffee with the cream, it kept your coffee beautifully hot and creamy.

What they didn’t offer on the regular buffet were eggs, bacon or sausage, which are my husband’s mainstays. No complaints – it was just different. But it did mean that he went out exploring for other options around the neighborhood, and he found a cafe that he loved. Their cappucinos were amazing – the milk was so thickly frothed that you could float your spoon in it! And the chocolate croissants were deadly. These little cafes are sprinkled all over the place, serving breakfast, pastries, lunch, coffee and snacks. Many offer a selection of desserts so you can easily pick up something to take to a dinner party. The women who worked at the cafe seemed to know most of their visitors, and quickly came to know my husband as one of their “visiting regulars”. This breakfast may not have been what we were used to, but it would be easy to get accustomed to it!

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One thought on “Breakfast in Barcelona

  1. That chocolate croissant looks delicious 🙂

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