Ten ways to use rotisserie chicken

Sometimes you just need a quick, easy solution for meals. In our house of two, a grocery-store rotisserie chicken is always good for several quick meals. I usually bring the chicken home, let it cool to room temperature, then shred the meat off of the bones. What can you do with a rotisserie chicken? Here’s quick hit list:

  1. Hacked chicken salad – napa cabbage, celery, matchstick carrots, shredded chicken and a Thai peanut dressing
  2. Chicken enchiladas – heat corn tortillas, wrap chicken and monterrey jack cheese, top with enchilada sauce and more cheese, bake
  3. Lazy chicken noodle soup – saute celery, onion and carrot – cook egg noodles in stock, add sauteed veggies and chicken
  4. BBQ wrap – mix shredded chicken with black beans and barbeque sauce – roll in a flour tortilla
  5. Fried rice – combine leftover rice, veggies, soy sauce, ginger, garlic and chicken in a wok
  6. Lasagna – layer boiled lasagna noodles, shredded chicken, mozzerella and pecorino romano with jar tomato sauce and bake
  7. Nachos – spread tortilla chips on a cookie sheet – top with beans, chicken, cheese and broil. Add jalapenos, salsa or sour cream once out of the oven
  8. Faux Sunday dinner – make a quick pan sauce with balsamic vinegar or grainy mustard, or even a simple gravy – serve with chicken and mashed potatoes
  9. Greek style – heat a pita, add greek yogurt, red onion and cucumber to chicken and roll
  10. Cobb salad – Green leaf or bibb lettuce, cherry tomatoes, bacon, chicken, blue cheese, red onion and a light balsamic vinegar

Got other ideas? Let’s hear them!

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2 thoughts on “Ten ways to use rotisserie chicken

  1. Great ideas! You can also use it as a short cut for chicken pot pie, add to a creamy corn chowder, or pull the chicken – add bbq sauce – get a few sandwich rolls and place coleslaw on top of the bbq pulled chicken for a great sandwich bbq sandwich! In our area the rotisserie chicken is usally less expensive than a pound of boneless/skinless chicken breasts. HAPPY COOKING!!

  2. Yum! Thanks Grandma Nancy!

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