Quilts = hugs

"Midnight Blue" Quilt in pinks and greens

Last year we put our house on the market, sold it, and bought a new house. Through all of the cleaning, organizing, staging, listing, searching, and closing, our realtor was incredible. She gave us the guidance we needed to get our first home cleaned up, spruced up, and ready to sell. And when it did, we looked a dozens of homes to find the right house to move into. Through all of the house hunting, we became friends, and I am so thankful we did. Her knowledge of the industry was invaluable, and her patience was amazing. She went to every length to help smooth the process.

"Cathedral" quilt in purple shades

I felt that a big “thank you” was in order, so after we moved in and before the holidays, I created two quilts for her young daughters. I used a couple of patterns from Villa Rosa Designs – they make these handy post-card-sized patterns, and I’d bought a handful of them. I used the “Cathedral” and “Midnight Blue” patterns, and took the opportunity to augment my existing fabric stash with some new fabric.

I chose a hot pink and bright green color scheme for the “Midnight Blue” pattern, with a focus on this fun retro flower fabric. And for the “Cathedral” quilt I used a purple color scheme of batiks, for a less-girly look. Since the quilts were for little girls, I made them a row smaller than the pattern called for, but I was so pleased at how they came out. Plus, my realtor’s daughters love them, and it was a great way to thank her for all she did for us.

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