Conquering the fear of the saw

Plenty of things seem frightening until you try them. Two jewelry skills that have scared the bejeebers out of me are soldering and sawing. I avoided them like the plague until this month, when I tackled both.

Etched copper pendant in progress

I first used a  jewelry saw in a class, and the project was tedious, frustrating, and seemed worthless. So whenever I ran up against a project that required cut metal, I’d resort to metal snips, which are like big scissors. Finally I realized I was killing my hands with the scissors and the pieces I created weren’t up to my own standards. So I did it – I learned to saw. I spent a bit of time on the web reviewing blogs and came up with a fantastic tutorial from Beaducation that explains how to load the saw, how to steady your piece against a benchpin, how to saw efficiently, and even how to turn corners.

I had all the equipment I needed – saw frame, saw blades, benchpin, cut lube, and plenty of bits that needed cutting. After a couple of simple test pieces came out well, I tackled this paisley or henna-style etched piece that I’ve had laying around for almost a month… and I’m totally excited at how it came out. I’ll be finishing the piece by filing the edges, then oxidizing it for use as a pendant. Now that I’ve broken the fear barrier, I’ve got about a million ideas I’m ready to tackle!

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