Quilts for cold weather

"Rice Bowls" Quilt

I live in Central Texas, and while we don’t get bitter cold weather or snow, it does get cold at night in the winter. And rather than run up the heating bill, I love to pile on the blankets and quilts for a snuggly warm bed. I grab a quilt in the evenings when I cuddle the cats on the couch, too. And winter seems like the perfect time to make new quilts, most of which I give away as gifts. One of my favorite quilts, though is not one I cuddle with – it’s a wall hanging that my aunt made for me.

My aunt’s a phenomenal quilter. She’s very artistic, and has piles and piles of fabric in her sewing room. After she helped me complete my first quilt, I bought her a book by Kaffe Fassett, called Passionate Patchwork. Kaffe Fassett is an incredible textile artist who has his own line of brilliant fabrics – many are bright and modern, and may not be what you think of when you think about quilting. Several months after I bought my aunt the book, she sent me this amazing “Rice Bowls” quilt, made from the Passionate Patchwork book, and created in Kaffe Fassett fabrics. The workmanship is amazing, the color combinations endlessly inspiring, and the quilt always makes me smile.

I keep this quilt on the wall of my studio, right where I can always see it. I’ve spent lots of time staring at the fabrics to determine what makes the colors look so great together, and how to use color combinations like them in my jewelry, in other quilts, and other projects. And I love that I have something so beautiful in my creative space.

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