Roasted root vegetables

Check out that amazing purple carrot!

At the Saturday farmer’s market I picked up a bag of mixed root vegetables, with the intent of roasting them as a carb-y side dish for dinners. Once home, I opened up the bag and found gorgeous young carrots, and some incredibly beautiful purple carrots, plus a rutabaga, a yellow beet, and what I think were other kinds of beets. I peeled them all up, chopped them, and tossed them in olive oil, sea salt, and threw in some fresh rosemary and thyme that were languishing in my produce drawer. I also threw in half of a big 1015 sweet onion.

I roasted the veggies on 350 for about 90 minutes, stirring every 30 minutes or so. The onion caramelized and crisped, the veggies got sweetly soft, the thyme and rosemary tumbled around in the pan creating aromatic steam.

Ready for the oven

The result? An incredibly tender, sweet and a teeny bit salty mix of veggies with a different note of flavor in each bite. Plus the added benefit of a house that smells like Thanksgiving dinner! These veggies are a great change from our usual carbs, and should mix really well with pork or beef on the dinner plate.

Tender, sweet and slightly salty


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