Cooking for a new year

Oh yes, the holidays are over and we’re all feeling the effects of the snacks, parties, and food and drink gifts. In the dark month of January we all perk up a bit and think “dang, it’s time I got serious about working off those extra pounds!” or whatever other resolution or goal you may have. I threw out 2 kinds of ice cream and a huge tin of flavored popcorn – just to remove temptation.

While I’m not a “resolution” person, I do realize that now that the holidays are over, I have no excuse not to go back to healthy cooking and reasonable portions. With that in mind, this week’s grocery trip included items for the following meals:

  • Grilled flank steak, bulgur with prociutto and parmesan, and sauteed garlic haricots verts
  • Chicken with mustard sauce and Brussels sprouts (our 13-year-old loved this – surprisingly)
  • Rainbow Trout en papillote with new potatoes and baby greens salad
  • Northern bean soup with kale and smoked ham

Sure, it’s easier to eat prepared foods or to go out to dinner, but cooking at home is cheaper than eating out, and it’s one million times easier to watch portion size. We even use a scale to measure our portions and to keep ourselves honest. There’s still room in the budget for a treat here or there – one treat I have planned is fresh pasta with wild boar ragu, when I have the free time to spend crafting the dish! I’ll keep you posted on the recipes and dishes as they come together. Good luck with your healthy eating in 2012!

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