It’s the prep work that counts

Little bits for earrings and things

I spent a lot of time over the holidays making bits of things. I made about a million jewelry bits, because it’s always better to have plenty of headpins and connectors and rings and ovals and things… stopping in the middle of a project to make more is a total drag. I also finished a lot of stuff that was in process, like these pieces made of precious metal clay. I think I originally created these back in March or April, and I’m just now finishing the cleaning and polishing of them.

It’s the same with cooking – there’s so much that goes into every recipe, and I try to force myself to read carefully, have all of my ingredients ready, and to be prepped for each step. Around the holidays that means chopping lots of onions, carrots and celery, plus making sure we’re stocked up on flours and sugars and nuts and dairy products.

Maybe it seems labor intensive, and less fun, to plan things out like that, but I always find myself in the midst of something and stopping and cursing that I have to drag out additional bits and pieces and stop in the middle of my project to do a mini-project. I just finished making 35 pairs of earring wires – the basis for every pair of earrings I make – and while it was boring and felt like drudgery, I won’t have to do it again for a while!

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