No resolutions for me

I’ve never done the whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing. I figure if you can’t find the time or willpower to do something on, say, May 13, then what makes January 1 different? Other than you’re hung over? My style is more of a goal. One year I set a goal of learning to play the guitar. I bought a cheap acoustic, taught myself a few chords, played a bit, and then decided I really didn’t have the time. More successful goals have been finding new activities. One year it was rowing, another year was boxing. I loved both of those workouts and stuck with them a good long while. I’ll still punch a heavy bag any time it’s offered up.

I’ve been biking for a while – road riding on a lovely bike – and in 2011 I bought a mountain bike and rode on some of the nearby beginner trails. I loved it, and it’s been so fabulous to be able to come home, suit up, and ride right out of the garage. I’m hoping to get back to the road bike this year, and to start clocking some serious mileage.

Cleaning up my diet seems to be a perennial goal, but maybe I’ll update it a bit this year: I’d like to only splurge on really amazing things, not mundane ones. We’ll see how that one goes… somehow I seem to wobble more on the food splurging.

And I’m always looking for new jewelry techniques to try. I want to work more on soldering, etching, patinas, and lots of metal work.  I’m also hoping to get my glass bead-making back up and running in 2012 so I can get back to working on those techniques, as well.

Are you a resolution person? What goals do you have for 2012?

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