Discovered – “The Girl Hunter”

Through some of my favorite food blogs I became acquainted with Georgia Pellegrini, author of the recently published book Girl Hunter. My husband gave me the book for Christmas, and I ate that book up! I started it on the 26th and finished it in less than 24 hours. Georgia’s writing style is fabulous and lyrical, and the story of her hunting escapades – her desire to get closer to the food she eats – was mesmerizing.

Then I read her blog post about hunting right here in the Texas Hill Country, and I’m so terrifically envious of all of the ladies who got to go along on her Girl Hunter Weekend. The photos are great. The food looks fab. All the girls look so cool shooting skeet… I was just wondering when the next weekend would be and how I could get myself invited.

Now, I’ve never shot anything more serious than a pellet gun, and that was back when I was about nine, so I’m no huntress. Frankly, for most of my years I thought that guns were repugnant, but I think that came from the mindset of the few people I knew who had guns – people who were more about machismo and power-tripping than hunting or providing for their family. And in my family, my uncle and cousins bow hunt, which is also incredibly cool, but didn’t seem like a sport for girls when I was growing up – the bows were huge and took what seemed like a massive amount of arm strength.

So I find myself entranced by the idea of learning to hunt. I keep thinking about it… and then I remind myself of all my other hobbies and wonder where the hell I’ll get the time. So stay tuned, and see if I get around to it. In the meantime, read Girl Hunter – it’s inspiring.

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