Fall and the farmer’s market

Tomorrow I’ll finally have time to go the nearby farmer’s market, and I’m stoked about it. When I initially heard about this one, the closest to my house, I kind of blew it off because I thought “how good can a farmer’s market in a mall parking lot be?” Dang if I wasn’t dead wrong. I ended up there a couple of times over the summer – when our house was on the market, a couple of times my stepson and I had to bail when prospective buyers were coming, and I dragged him with me to the market. At 13, The Boy is still fairly genial, but the idea of a farmer’s market didn’t jazz him all that much. But once we got there and started checking it out, we were both pleasantly surprised. He loved the ice cream booth, and tasted every sample they gave him. I splurged on fresh lemonade, and after the first sip, both of us goggled at each other in amazement – WOW! That was some dang fine lemonade!

I always thought I’d go for veggies, but this market draws me in with meat. The seafood guy has the best shrimp I’ve had in ages, and the very idea of them makes my mouth water. There’s a booth selling game, as well, and I’m dead set on buying some of that tomorrow. Their chalkboard offers rabbit, venison, boar and duck… I just have to come up with a recipe, and it’s on like Donkey Kong.

With the end of summer (we hope), I am looking forward to some delectable root veggies to roast, too. And there’s a woman who makes some drop-dead delicious chutney, and a pie-lady, and fresh bread and scones… All of this plus live music, friendly folks (and their dogs) and a chance to score some choice goodies.

I can’t wait. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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