Biting off more than I can chew

In my mind, there are two ways to be:

  1. A total hair-trigger decision-maker who sees something and immediately must purchase the item or items needed to create said item, or
  2. The pokey, thoughtful type who agonizes over every decision, and then decides to decide later, and subsequently forgets what the hell it was they were even considering in the first place

I am type 1. You can call it “something shiny” syndrome. OMG, look at that amazing widget! I need one of those… BUY! But sometimes that means I have a backlog of fabulous crafty things just waiting to be done, and not enough time to do them. Currently in my backlog are the following items:

Quilts – I’ve got 3 planned. I did most of the top of one, and then hated some of the squares, so I have to go buy fabric to make up for those. The second and third ones are in a bag containing fabric and patterns. I’ll get right on that.

Chain Maille Jewelry – I’ve got a kit that I bought a couple of months back to learn how to make Four-in-One chain maille, but I just haven’t found the time to focus on it. I’ve learned several other chain maille styles, but they take some quiet time… and that I haven’t had.

Christmas Stockings – I saw some in a catalog that were simple felt stockings with super cute appliqued designs on them. Seriously? How hard can that be? I cut out the photo, but haven’t gotten as wild as buying a ton of felt yet. But the xmas bug should bite any minute now. (Remind me to tell you about the 2-year-long project that was the quilted Christmas tree skirt….)

Curtains – We need bedroom curtains because the sun shines right through the blinds, but I can’t decide on colors for the bedroom, so…

Handmade Ravioli – I tried making it once earlier in the year and it was a sticky mess. I have a new cookbook but haven’t had the time to… oh, you know how it goes. But the cookbook says “It’s so simple!” Right. Bastards.

Farmers’ Market – There’s a booth at our market that sells rabbit, duck, and other “wild” game. I’ve been absolutely dying to buy something, but told myself to wait for cooler weather so I can make a rabbit stew or ragout or something.

I’m sure there are more of these. As a matter of fact, I bet my husband could list off three or four more. But hey – I’d rather be like this than be the person who forgets to even start all the cool things… this way, I stumble across a project in my studio and go “Hey! Awesome!” and have the perfect way to while away my afternoon. It may seem I’ve taken on too much, but I like to think that really, I’m just storing up for the moment that I might become bored.

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