Love bikes? You’ll love this.

I have a very talented friend named Jon Grant. He draws. He illustrates. Beautiful things burst forth from his pen. He’s also an avid cyclist, and once told me “We have a ridiculous number of bikes at our house. Ridiculous!” This weekend he’s combining his talent for drawing and his love of bikes in a booth at the Texas Custom Bike Show. Jon’s drawings will be for sale as prints and he may even have some t-shirts available (ask him), and really, how could any bike lover go wrong?

I’ve shown three of my favorites here, and if you’re a bike nerd aficionado you may know some of the stories behind these pieces – if not, Jon’s shared some info with me.

Campagnolo Nuovo Record Derailleur

Check out the cool heart-type embellishments on this first one. “The Campagnolo Nuovo Record is the one with the hearts. Rumor has it that Tullio Campagnolo designed it that way a a tribute his son, Valentino. I cannot seem to find confirmation of that, however.” How lovely is that? A sophisticated piece of machinery that also sports loving details, aside from the meticulous design. Originally created in chrome-plated bronze in 1967, the current versions are available in aluminum.


Huret Jubilee Rear Derailleur

According to Jon, “The Huret Jubilee rear derailleur was the lightest of its time; most modern derailleurs are still a bit heavier.” It’s from the 1970’s era, and reminds me of some kind of cross between the Terminator and Transformers – elegant and just a bit intimidating, but with a definite personality.

Huret Jubilee Front Derailleur

“The front Huret Jubilee is just as much jewelry as the rear,” Jon said, and looks a bit to me like the Greek god Hermes’ sandal.

If you’re in downtown Austin this weekend, stop by Booth 8 at the Texas Custom Bike Show and check out Jon’s art, which you can buy unmounted or matted. Can’t make it, but want to see more? You can email him too. And just a hint: these would make fabulous Christmas gifts for your favorite bike-lover. Stock up!

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3 thoughts on “Love bikes? You’ll love this.

  1. Thank you, Kami, for taking us on a personal tour of Jon’s favorite place–the nexus of form and function. You captured the union of Jon’s love of drawing and his love of bicycles wonderfully.

  2. My pleasure!! I’ve loved watching these images being “born”.

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