Colors are hard

Colors are hard

I won’t bore you with all of the house buying/selling drama, but let’s just say this – we still haven’t moved. All my stuff is in boxes. And it’s been frustrating the crap out of me. And when I feel “stuck”, I like to create. So over the weekend I went to the neighborhood quilt store and bought a whole bunch of fabric, and I found the box with my sewing machine, and I dug through two more boxes to find my quilt-cutter-outer stuff (technical term) and I went at it. Within an afternoon I’d cut out my fabric and sewn together the squares of a quilt top.

I was so stoked. I loved all the fabric I’d bought, and I ran to one of our bedrooms and laid the squares out to figure out how they were going to look. I was bouncing with excitement. Finally! Something I could control! Something that I could manage!

And then when the squares were all out on the bed, I thought, “Oh poop. Those look horrid together.” And I realized: colors are hard. Picking colors that compliment each other, and patterns that work together – it’s just not that easy.

I’ll tell the truth, I cried a little. But when I griped about it to my friend Susan, she said “Bring those damn quilt squares here. We can fix this.” And we looked them over, talked about what was and wasn’t working… and I see how I can make it work.

There’s no big metaphorical lesson here, I’m just saying that colors are hard. But I sure hope this quilt comes out cute… when I finally get a chance to finish it.

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