Thinking outside the box

Life at our house is totally in turmoil. We’re in the midst of a move, and all of a sudden things have come to a complete halt. I’m a total type-A organizer, so this is completely frustrating to me – all of my creative materials are packed up, and the house is in a chaos of moving boxes, and yet I don’t know when we’ll be able to actually move. I’m not designed to handle this kind of uncertainty! So to cheer myself up, I went out and bought an armload of decorating magazines, and picked up a cool magazine called “Where Women Create“. This magazine has really great interviews and photos of creative women and their studios, and I soaked it up.

courtesy of Where Women Create magazine

Reading about the featured artists and their workspaces not only gave me great ideas about how I want to organize my workspace, they also led me down Internet pathways to other cool designers and blog sites. Here are a few, so you can enjoy them too:

Decor8 – Holly Becker is an American author and design consultant living in Germany who’s created an amazing blog site and even a new book. She left the corporate world to create full-time, and has cultivated an amazing following – it’s easy to see why as you page through her great blog! I can’t wait to buy her book, and I’d love to take her blog class…

Elegant Abode – from Holly’s site I landed at this chic website, created by New York designers Ali and Arianna. The whole look of the site and the posts is so soothing and beautiful!

Plum Pretty Sugar – I haven’t made it much past the delicious shop photos in this site, because the robes and lounge wear totally had me at hello! I know I’ll be buying lots of Christmas gifts from this site…

Pinterest – and this cool site is a “virtual pinboard” – you can collect great photos of styles you love, ideas you want to remember, etc. I’m signing up, so I’ll let you know what I think as I use it.

I’m thankful that even when my life is complete chaos, there are beautiful images out there to soothe me. And I have to remember that creativity comes from dreaming and planning, so now is the time to let my mind wander, and to capture those great dreams for the time that my studio is back together. Deep breaths….



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