The summer of garden defeat

This spring we worked our tails off to get our house prepped to go on the market. We cleaned and repaired and put stuff in storage… and when the seed catalogs started piling up, I tossed them, unread, into the recycling bin. “No time for that,” I said. “Why start a garden when the house may sell, and I won’t get to enjoy the fruits and vegetables of my labor!” The house prep went on, and by the time the house went onto the market at the beginning of June, we were well into the summer gardening season.

And well into one of the hottest, driest summers on record. This is the driest year on record for Austin, Texas. The driest year since 1895, when they started keeping track. And the heat? We’ve had over 52 days of 100-plus degree days.

Am I sorry not to have fresh tomatoes for caprese salad? Sure! Would I have had any? Probably not. Our water bill is astronomical just trying to keep the yard looking, well, not dead. A realtor recently gave feedback that “You all need to get some water on that lawn.” I wanted to slap her silly. We’re only allowed to water 2 days a week, and even that much makes me feel guilty (and broke, when the bill comes).

It’s an adjustment, that’s for sure. I miss puttering in the garden after work. It’s usually a great stress reliever, but this year it would have been stressful. I’m thinking I may try to make the Farmer’s Market tomorrow, but I honestly wonder what they’ll have… sigh.

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