The sewing circle

Cutting the fabric for Mom's quilt

On Saturday I went to my mom’s house to work on a baby quilt. Since our house is staged for sale, I’m always leery of dragging things out and sprawling my craftiness all over, plus Mom also had a quilt to work on, so we worked together. While my mom and I get along fine, we can sometimes rub each other the wrong way – that’s typical of mothers and daughters, I think. But on Saturday we worked together companionably all afternoon, cutting the quilts and piecing them together. Mine was a pretty simple pattern, but the directions were a little opaque, so there were a few times where I had to rip out stitching I’d done. Mom was working from a pattern as well, but changing it up a bit to fit the amount of fabric she had, so there was some wild measuring and math going on.

Piecing Mom's Quilt

Mom was tickled that I came over – she admitted that she’d much rather work with someone else there than by herself. For my part, I know that I get really obsessive when I work on a quilt – I have a hard time stopping to eat, all I want to do is finish!! We gossiped and cut, talked and sewed, and we got a ton done. My quilt top is completely done, but now it’s time to lay the top, middle (batting) and backing all together. The next step is to quilt – but this quilt has big squares, so I’m not certain how I’ll quilt it.

Mom’s quilt was smaller pieces, and more of them, so she didn’t finish when I did, but her quilt is full of bright colors, and I love it. I also really appreciate getting to work with her – she has decades more sewing experience than me, and often knows tricks that I don’t. Her sister is the real quilting diva, though – she does amazing work and seems to crank it out effortlessly.

My quilt top

It’s good for me to take time to do other crafty things, setting jewelry or metalworking or beadmaking aside. Quilt fabric and the combinations of colors are also really useful when I’m looking for colors to compliment each other in jewelry design. And it’s nice to work at a different scale. And there’s something very satisfying about completing these gifts – both of these are going to expectant mothers. Mom and I were remembering the quilts her mom had, and how it seemed like you could spend hours looking for different things within each square or tracing the patterns. I can only hope that the recipients of these quilts will enjoy them – I think it’s great to give a handmade gift when you can. Now I just have to finish the darn thing….

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