Just one little thing

Now I’m not bitching, but it hasn’t been a great week. I’ve kind of been in a funk. I think part of it has to do with the unseasonable heat we’ve been having, but who knows. I spent almost a whole day last

Copper Bead Caps in a Leafy Design - I made 'em!

weekend crafting away – you’d think that would make me happy, but it felt like a chore. I cranked out lots of bead caps and fused fine silver components that I put up for sale on my “destash” site. This website started as a way to get rid of unused or no-longer-loved beads, but it’s become its own little moneymaker over time, and I find that handmade stuff sells really well, if I can find the time to make stuff by hand.

So I had about 6 sets of beadcaps to post this week, some headpins, blah blah… and although it’s been a busy week, I managed to get some things up on the site. And BAM. Today a jewelry maker who I envy beyond belief due to her prolific marketing, her endless creativity, and her sales, ye gods, her SALES – this jewelry maker bought 2 sets of my bead caps. I was elated! It’s not quite as good as getting Oprah to feature you in her “Favorite Things” but ol’ Opes is off on vacation anyway, and this really made me feel great.

Isn’t it funny how that one little thing – in my case, a $7 sale to a designer I respect and envy – can make such a big difference? Cool.

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