Stuff I buy on Etsy

I sell my jewelry on Etsy, but I also buy a lot of stuff there. It’s just too easy to fall into the shopping vortex there, and end up getting all excited about handmade, cool stuff.

One of my favorite shops moved their main order site off of Etsy, I assume because they were going gangbusters and at volume, Etsy probably gets a bit expensive. But I absolutely love the sugar scrubs from the Haus of Gloi, and my absolute favorite is the Honey Tree.

I also bought a handful of shirts from Ahpeele, who makes awesome screened clothing. I love my Koi t-shirt and wear it all the time.I also love the purple faux ostrich bag that I bought from Arebycdesign. It fits my laptop or any of the other random things I need to haul around with me, and looks much more stylish than the ugly generic black laptop bag I used to use.

Isn't that a cute bag?

For my wedding, I wanted to buy pretty handmade gifts to give to our mothers and stepmothers, so I bought a series of scarves from Morgan Silk. I almost wish I’d bought one to keep, they’re so lovely.

I bought a bunch of soap from Daisy Cakes Soap – and the smells were absolutely lovely… but showering made me hungry every day. And speaking of hungry, I still crave the salted caramels from The Caramel Jar, but it’s way too easy for me to hoover my way through a pound of them!

As I was staging my house for sale, I bought a cute little terrarium from Sea and Asters – what great customer service! And the terrarium is really darling. My realtor loves the Fleur de Lys wall “stickers” I got for my powder room from shaNickers, and they get to come with me when we move!

Last but not least, I’ve purchased a lot of cute/fun pet items – most for my dear deceased greyhound, but some for my ancient yet still rambunctious kitties. The dog got a collar from Trendy Hounds and a personalized tag from Tiny Tokens Designs. I’ll also admit I bought him a Halloween costume from Pampered Whiskers. The kitties got some catnip eyeballs from HannaPT, and they LOVE those things.

Hopefully you’ll take a minute to check out some of these folks shops (and maybe order some caramels or something). I’m happy to recommend each and every one of them, and here’s to big business on Etsy!

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