That’s crap.

I was listening to a local radio food broadcast lately, and since here in Texas BBQ season is in full swing, the host had 2  sommeliers as guests to talk about pairing wine with BBQ. Cool! I think being a sommelier would be really great, and here were two very prominent wine people talking about wine, which I love, and BBQ, which is probably the national food of Texas, if there is one.

As they waxed on about the heat in barbeque, the sweet and tangy flavors, etc., this couple came to the basic premise that Rose is the right wine to pair with BBQ. Right, okay, I can get behind that. They explained how Rose matches against the sweet and the tangy, with enough body to stand up to the meat but enough softness to temper the spice. Then they went off on how Rose is not White Zinfandel. And how White Zinfandel is fine… if you like drinking wine coolers in the parking lot of the high school. They continued in this vein for a few more minutes, slagging people who like White Zin as dullards who shouldn’t be drinking wine at all.

I don’t care for White Zinfandel, and I do like Rose. I totally understand their point of view, but I found myself thinking – “Who are you to mock these people?” I personally hate bourbon, but I’m not going to chalk bourbon drinkers up as morons for drinking it. I suppose you could say “Well, these were educated, certified sommeliers. They have the right to say that people who drink Zin are idiots.” I, my friend, am going to disagree.

They had every right to clearly explain how Rose is not White Zin. And then they should have dropped it. Everyone likes what they like, and it’s just rude to question someone’s intelligence because they like something that doesn’t meet your standards. It’s crap.

In my office building there’s a woman who brings jewelry in for sale around Mother’s Day and Christmas. The items she displays are not handmade, they’re not high quality, and they’re not my style. I believe the work that I create and sell is of infinitely higher quality than these (probably) Chinese-made imports, but listen, there’s a market for this kind of jewelry. And she’s not a dullard for selling it, and her customers are not idiots for buying it. It’s what they like, and I’m never going to criticize people for liking what they like. I may not agree, but it’s not my place to tell them they’re wrong – that’s crap.

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