For the love of caramel corn

I follow several food bloggers (note to self, add blog roll to this site) and one of them, David Lebovitz, is a noted pastry chef and cookbook writer who lives in Paris. David loves the sweet stuff, and he recently blogged about Garrett’s Caramel Corn. Oh, sweet children – I had to try it.

I took the blog’s recommendation and ordered the cheese/caramel mix, and made myself only order a one-gallon tub. Was it pricier than I expected? Yes. But I forged ahead, because sometimes it’s important to test these things. When the popcorn arrived, my husband was surprised but not that interested… at least not until that evening when I busted the tub out after dinner. We were sitting on the couch, watching TV on-demand, and I scooted over on the couch to get close enough for him to try… and he was amazed.

Neither of us are popcorn nuts. Frankly, if it isn’t caramel corn (or kettle corn, I confess) I’m not really interested. But dear sweet baby corn, it was amazing. Worth it, oh, so worth it. I managed not to eat it all on one sitting (it’s quite rich) but it didn’t last too terribly long. It was one thousand times better than the giant can of popcorn my mom gifts us with at Christmas. I may have to send some to her office just so they learn what popcorn should be.

Try it, my friends. You’ll like it.

1-888-4-POPCORN (888-476-7267)
9 Stores in the Chicago area, including O’Hare Airport, and in New York City (242 W. 34th Street, between 7th and 8th)

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