Moving is a drag.

We’re looking to put our house on the market. We’ve been cleaning out closets, packing up unnecessary stuff for storage, and trying to make the house presentable for buyers. Which means it was time to pack up my studio – both the jewelry

A Tapestry bead I made during Larry Scotts class at Blue Moon Glassworks

table and metalworking station in my upstairs studio as well as my glass bead-making station in the garage. The jewelry-making stuff is all still accessible, luckily, so I can keep working as time allows, but the lampworking stuff is all packed away.

I’d hoped to get one more good day on the torch before I packed it up, but the chance never came. Luckily I have plenty of materials, including beads, made up and ready for use. But it’s just a bit sad to think I can’t work the way I usually do – all spread out with lots of tools and materials readily at hand.

I’ll be glad when we get the house on the market and can start looking for a new place with a studio, just for me!

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