Hardware Woes Solved

In a previous post I bragged about my new tumbler and how excited I was about it (I know, total nerd). I’ve been struggling with issues around the tumbling process, and I thought I’d share my experience for those undergoing the same thing.

Oxidized chain on the London Fog Necklace

I have been experimenting more with oxidization lately, to get a different look from my jewelry. I use a liquid or gel form of liver of sulfur that I add to hot water, and it works great. then, to polish the pieces up so that the pattern really stands out, I put the piece into my tumbler with my stainless steel shot, water, and a little nugget of Ivory soap.

Lately my shot has been really looking dull and crummy, and my pieces weren’t getting that sweet sheen I’m used to, so I did some online research to figure out what was up. I tumbled the shot with some baking soda, and that helped, but it still wasn’t quite as shiny as it had been. Finally, after getting the new tumbler, I tried the one thing I’d been avoiding: flat Coca-cola.

Sounds bizarre, I know, but it worked like a charm. Yes, the coke must be flat. I left a bowl of it out on the counter over night, so it still had a little fizz, but not much. I barely covered the shot in the tumbler, left it on for about 10-15 minutes, and voila – shiny clean shot. I rinsed it several times to be sure I’d gotten all the

Components on the "Juliet" Earrings - tumbled shiny

coke off, washed the tumbler a couple of times as well, and laid my shot out to dry on a towel.

I think I was worried about exploding tumblers of gooey coke everywhere, but it worked out. Just to be on the safe side I put my entire tumbler into a 8×11″ baking dish to catch any mess – but it didn’t leak at all. Whew! Hope this helps any of you who are struggling with the same issue – shot is expensive and I didn’t want to have to replace mine.



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